Services: what we do


We design, install and support structured cabling infrastructure (‘SCI’), data communication and audio-visual solutions. We also offer a range of consultancy services and have experienced, professional engineers available for contract work.

An organisation’s SCI is similar to a person’s nervous system: it connects every part of the organisation both internally and externally, allowing its employees to communicate with each other, with its suppliers and customers and with the outside world.

Given our reliance on digital communications in today’s networked world, the SCI has become a key component in organisations IT system. If it doesn’t allow data to flow efficiently it will quickly undermine the organisation’s effectiveness and if it fails, may plunge the organisation into a communications darkness. It’s something of a ‘mission critical’ component which means it’s critically important that it’s up to the demands of the job.

Our aim is to provide our clients with a total service, one that makes anything to do with their SCI ‘painless’, an effortless and seamless experience, one that’s easy to plan and implement with minimal disruption to their day-to-day operations.

To help us provide our clients with that, we have interrelated operating divisions specialising on five principal areas of service:

  • Structured cabling infrastructure: design and install
    Designing and installing structured cabling infrastructure lies at the very heart of our business, it’s what we do best. We can design, install and commission a new SCI or upgrade an existing one to provide you with a fully functional, robust and scalable cabling infrastructure ready for use. We offer a total service – in fact we’ll even move the furniture to minimise disruption to your business.
  • Audio-visual
    ‘AV’ has become an essential part of any modern organisation’s operation: video conferencing now plays a key role in effective multi-site and client interaction, simultaneously reducing travel time and expense. We can design and install a complete system, provide top-of-the-range hardware, programme the system to your exact requirements and provide training for your staff.
  • Structured cabling infrastructure: support and management
    We can provide a management service that supports and maintains your structured cabling infrastructure. This can be provided either under an individually designed annual contract that supplements your IT requirements or on an ad hoc, as-and-when-you-need-it basis. We work with organisations throughout the commercial world, both on a direct basis and as a specialist partner.
  • Structured cabling infrastructure: consultancy
    We can design structured cabling infrastructure to meet an existing or planned business model, audit your own plans for an infrastructure and provide a detailed analysis of an existing infrastructure. Should you wish, we can oversee installation of a new infrastructure project and ensure its compliance to all existing standards.
  • Structured cabling infrastructure: engineering resource
    We have experienced, highly-trained engineers and technicians available for contract work on either a direct basis by an infrastructure owner or by contractors engaged on specific installation projects.