Trans Comms Connectivity

Trans Comms Connectivity


ab2An organisation’s structured cabling infrastructure (‘SCI’) is similar to a person’s nervous system: it connects every part of the organisation both internally and externally, allowing its employees to communicate with each other, with its suppliers, its customers and with the outside world.

Designing and installing structured cabling infrastructure lies at the very heart of our business, it’s what we do best. We can design, install and commission a new SCI or upgrade an existing one, including all the subsystems, main equipment and telecommunications rooms, to provide you with a fully functional, robust and scalable cable infrastructure that’s ready for use. Having done so, we can maintain and support it for you, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best: your business.

Our design process is comprehensive and follows a tried-and-tested ‘best practice’ formula that ensures you get exactly what you want, no matter whether it’s a simple wireless environment in a small office or a worldwide SCI solution.


We like to work closely with our clients as we want to develop a long-term relationship with them, one in which we can understand the commercial considerations that drive their technical requirements. Doing so means we can design the best possible SCI solution for them.

Being at the forefront of the industry allows us to take a pragmatic view of technology which means that, although we can provide ‘technically dazzling’ solutions, we always design what’s appropriate for you: addressing what you tell us you believe you need, both now and in the future. We want to provide you with a cabling infrastructure that’s stable, secure and cost-effective; one that meets your needs and expectations.

We keep an eye on the future and have a thorough insight into emerging technology, one that allows us to see what’s around the corner and advise you accordingly. Our SCIs are designed to be both scalable and future-proof allowing them to be expanded or upgraded to meet your needs as the needs of your business grows.


Once engaged, we assign a dedicated project manager to you; they ensure that key milestones are achieved and that the project is delivered to the letter of the specification. Our project manager attends project meetings, keeps you up to date with what’s happening and answers any questions you may have about progress and functionality.

We are accredited installers for all reputable brands supplying and servicing the cabling infrastructure market. Our engineers have many years’ practical experience and most have advanced OEM training. All receive ongoing training in-house focussing on the technology they are installing, methods of installing it and the standards they are working to. As the person from Trans Comms you see most often, they are expected to be a company ambassador.

We also offer an onsite space planning service so that you won’t have to move office furniture and equipment to provide access for us, we’ll do it for you. Providing this makes SCI installation, either during upgrades or fitting out new areas, easy to coordinate on a ‘one-stop shop’ basis and means less disruption for you and less downtime for both your IT system and those using it.