Trans Comms AV Solutions

Trans Comms AV Solutions


ab5Audio-visual (‘AV’) uses a combination of sound and sight to enhance the way information is presented to an audience and allow a more personal, one-to-one method of communication. It offers potential for a more dynamic, immersive and interactive experience and has become an essential communications tool for any modern organisation.

Information that may once have been shared on paper, sent by email, had an audience huddled around a computer screen or squinting at overhead projector slides can now be presented live, on a ‘big screen’ and, if need be, simultaneously to an audience at multiple locations around the world.

Digital signage is now a common feature of our daily lives, providing information when we need it or offering an engaging advertising medium.

Video conferencing allows interactive meetings to take place with employees, suppliers and customers without their having to leave their offices reduces travel time and expense and is more personally engaging than using just a telephone.

Improving data transmission will allow the use of 3D and holographic technology, further enhancing the way we interact with others both at work and at home.

The Trans Comms AV Solutions’ service offer

  • Design the AV system you need. Having agreed what you want to achieve we can design a system to provide it. We can also upgrade and enhance your current technology, providing greater functionality and more control.
  • Design and install the cabling infrastructure required. This may mean modifying existing cabling or designing and installing a complete new cabling infrastructure.
  • Supply and install the AV-system’s hardware. The hardware we supply is drawn only from those manufacturers known for the consistent reliability, functionality and cost effectiveness equipment.
  • Monitor and understand the rapidly changing nature of AV communication equipment so we can provide you with a world-class system with an optimum specification.
  • Install and deploy digital signage systems.
  • Programme the system so that it does what you want it to do, meeting your specification to provide the user experience and benefits you expected.
  • Provide user training so that your staff feel confident about using the system.