Meet the team

Meet the team


As a company, Trans Comms works as a collaborative team in which everyone has their own vital role. Individually, and as part of that team, we work toward ensuring every customer gets exactly what they expected and that their experience of Trans Comms is a positive one.

Here’s a brief introduction to those members of the Trans Comms’ team that you are most likely to engage with.


Greg Jones

Managing Director

As managing director I'm responsible for the company's wellbeing and growth. It's a role that means understanding what the industry is doing and where it's heading; developing and implementing strategies to meet future requirements; ensuring the company is financially sound and making sure we maintain regular contact with our key customers.

I joined the cabling industry in 2000 and founded Trans Comms in 2004 with Rob Brown. Our mission then was the same as it is today: to provide quality rather than quantity. Starting a new company means turning your hand to anything and everything to be successful – it was an invaluable experience, one that's given me an insight and an appreciation of everyone's roles and responsibilities.

I like to think I've an innovative outlook tempered by a pragmatic nature. Our success has come from consistently providing customers with a great 'experience': building relationships, delivering what they expect and doing so in the way that they want to receive it

I enjoy all sport, play golf and ride motorbikes.


Rob Brown

Operations Director

It's my job to make sure our work is successfully completed and that the business constantly moves towards its goals. I need to have an understanding of everything that happens within the company as something relatively minor can easily have a knock-on effect somewhere else. Being aware of what's happening means it can be managed to best effect.

I've been in the industry since 2000 and started Trans Comms with Greg (Jones) in 2004, it's been, and continues to be, both a stimulating challenge and a rewarding adventure. As the company grows, so does its responsibilities. It's satisfying to know the extent of our involvement with some exceptional customers – and breath-taking to realise the potential impact our work has on their activities.

Much of what I do means being practically involved: watching, listening and understanding, using my skill and experience to finding better ways of doing things. I'm open-minded about how we work and am keen to embrace new technology if it brings positive results for our customers.

I enjoy rugby, Formula 1 and barbequing.


Chris Webster

IT Consultant

As the company's IT consultant I work closely with our clients at every stage of our relationship with them. I advise them how they could benefit from the latest technology coming onto the market; provide guidance during the specification process to ensure they choose the right systems; assist with the installation so that we're confident that it will 'meets their needs' and show them how to use it. Then I keep them up to date with upgrades and new functionality.

I've worked in IT since 2006 and have helped improve the structure and efficiency of IT systems throughout industry gaining a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the hardware available and how it's used. Technology is an ongoing process: no sooner has a system been introduced than someone improves on it to deliver better, more cost-efficient and effective functionality.

I pride myself in my attention to detail and leave no stone unturned in my work to ensure our clients have the right IT solution for their business needs.

Apart from 'all things IT', I enjoy fishing and am a big football fan.


Alison Tickner

Office Manager

I manage Trans Comms' offices and maintain the company's accounts. I also provide support for our engineers, helping to organise their travel arrangements, recording their working hours and preparing their timesheets, and I make sure that everyone gets paid on time.

I've worked in admin for nearly 20 years and joined Trans Comms in 2013. I'm naturally conscientious, diligent and organised, personal characteristics that are perfectly suited for my role. I use the skills and experience I've gained over the years to bring a fresh, innovative and creative approach to managing our offices.

I'm very much a people-person: I enjoy live music, good food and eating out.


Derrick Sealey

Project Manager

I manage the day-to-day running of many of our project sites. I'm responsible for making sure that everything goes according to plan: that our work meets the customer's specification, complies with agreed standards, is delivered on time and that the customer is totally satisfied with what we've provided.

I've worked in the cabling industry since the early-1990s and joined Trans Comms in 2009. As a project manager, the scope of my role varies between sites: I may be working with a client on an individual, one-to-one basis on some projects or managing an engineering team on others.

I've always had an interest in the new and emerging technologies that affect the industry and have developed a thorough understanding of their complexities and the standards that develop around them.

Away from work, I'm a film fan and like nothing better than a round of golf.


Luke Rigby

Project Manager

I manage many of the company's major projects, making sure work is completed on time and that everything meets the specification, the various standards that apply and, of course, the customer's expectations. I realise that to some of our customers, I am Trans Comms so I also have the role of being a company's ambassador.

I started in the cabling industry in 2000 and joined Trans Comms in 2006. I've had experience of every aspect of the cabling process, especially in large fit-out projects with complex specifications and demanding requirements.

I'm always available to do whatever's necessary to'make it happen'– I know it's what our customers expect from us and, as it sets us apart from everyone else, I'm happy to provide it. And I think my assertiveness and persistence are always useful when it comes to getting the job done!

I enjoy rugby and archery.


Billy Sealey

Project Manager

I work with our team of project managers providing assistance to them on a day-to-day basis by carrying out many of the planning and facilitating tasks. It's interesting and varied work as no two projects are the same and every day is different.

I joined Trans Comms in 2010 as a junior engineer on a contract basis and am working towards having my own projects to manage.

In the meantime, working across a number of projects is a great way of gaining hands-on technical experience, an understanding of how we solve the variety of technological issues we encounter and an insight into the way we operate as a company.

I'm a great football fan and enjoy socialising.


Mike Hallybone

Electrical Contracts Manager

I have overall responsibility for the electrical projects Trans Comms undertakes, a role that starts with pricing and finishes with the handover to the client. Getting the price 'spot on' is essential: we have to make sure we're using components that meet the client's needs and cover the cost of providing the best workmanship – fortunately, our clients understand and respect this. At handover I want to ensure our client is totally happy with our work and will come back to us when they need something else done.

I've many years' experience and have worked across the electrical industry in domestic, commercial and industrial environments, and have worked on some of the largest projects in London. Every day has been time well spent as I've developed an in-depth knowledge and understanding of my profession.

It's essential that I keep my 'finger on the pulse' by staying practically involved on all our electrical projects, large and small. I need to understand what's been done and that it's been done to the highest possible standard as I have to explain this to our clients – and there's no way I want to be in a position of not knowing!

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, going to football matches and playing golf.

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